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Caroline's work as a content designer began over a decade ago when she was developing DIY material for live television segments in the Baltimore/DC area and designing projects for a crafting magazine with nationwide distribution. Later, she began creating idea-based digital work (today simply called "content") for brands to use on their websites and social media outlets. Over the course of that time her work evolved into video production.


Caroline's clients have included PBS, The National Geographic Channel, National Public Radio's Science Friday, Disney, Parenting, GoodCook®, Macy's, Home Depot, Lowe's, Bee's Wrap®, Chippin®, and Quotient.com to name a few. 


Winner of 2018 Shorty Award​ for the Aha! Video series produced for Science Friday


With years of experience in commercial content development for brands, Caroline knows how to develop attention-grabbing digital marketing strategies for her clients and get the digital traction needed to grow a brand's online presence. 


 As words like "digital content" and "short form video" have emerged for brands to describe their ever-changing online marketing needs, "content" is constantly used in new and innovative ways. The online world should be viewed as a continuum, and how we communicate in such a radically connected place is ever-developing. 

Contact Caroline today so she can develop digital media specifically tailored for the needs of your brand and develop strategies to effectively deliver your content. 



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